Home Automation Systems

Smarten up your home saving energy and money at the same time.

Integration of whole house audio visual, LED lighting control, security, climate control (air-conditioning and heating) CCTV cameras, messaging, Irrigation, Pool and Spa, weather and photos.

By integrating these systems in your home, they can be programmed to run automatically based on “events” and “scenarios” automating daily and vacation (holiday mode) functions. Remove “wall clutter”. You do not need multiple switches all lined up next to each other on a wall which looks untidy. A single elegant touch screen, tablet or touchpad can perform all these functions and so much more.

Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world with one touch access from multiple devices such as Apple or Android tablets & smart phones, remote controls, touchpads, touch screens, PC or MAC.

Product Overview

User Interface

Dimming Actuators

Relay Actuators

LED Actuators

DALI Actuators

DMX Actuators

0-10v Actuators

Sensors & Security

Climate Actuators

Shading Actuators

Background Audio

Hotel Systems

Communication Gateway

Smart Metering

System Units